Ear candling

Price 490 Kč for 30 min

Ear candling

The ear plugs along with a head massage are natural therapy that prevents many difficulties. The candles are made from high quality beeswax and can be filled with fragrant and essential oils. We use it as a supportive therapy in diseases of the sinuses, fever, headaches and migraine, insomnia, overwork and fatigue, and of course to clean the ears.

The course of treatment

The masseuse places you on your side and covers you with a blanket to keep you warm. You will put your head on a pillow. A candle is inserted into the ear and is lit. You do not have to worry about the dripping wax; everything is safe, the flame is slow and steady. Due to the burning candle, a slight suction and the "chimney effect" are created to gently remove impurities from the ear. Simultaneously, the head is warmed up and the energy points on the head of the client are compressed. It is a wonderful and relaxing experience.

The candle is left to burn out just above the ear, after that the masseuse removes it and unwraps it. You can check for yourself how much and what kind of dirt is found in your ear. Then, it is time to turn to the other side and go through the same procedure with the other ear.