LOMI - LOMI massage

Price 890 Kč for 60 min

Hawaiian massage LOMI LOMI

The Hawaiian massage "Lomi Lomi" is a therapy which has been practiced in Hawaii since the ancient times. The name "Lomi Lomi" translates as either "Loving Hands" or "Lets go together where water flows in one direction". . Both translations capture the attitude of the masseur, who strives for an individual approach to each client and their potential problems. The basics of this therapy are based on the use of special Hawaiian techniques that, due to their rhythm and design, have high therapeutic and relaxing effects. 

What are the basic Lomi Lomi massage treatment effects? It is:

  • stimulates the blood circulation and the lymphatic system,
  • deeply relaxes and harmonizes the body,
  • eliminates muscle pain, fatigue and tension,
  • has a positive effect on mental relaxation and it strengthens the nerve system,
  • improves blood circulation, increases the excretion of harmful substances from the body,
  • relieves movement and muscular apparatus, stimulates the activity of internal organs.

This massage is recommended for musculoskeletal pain and for recovery after sport. Additionally, it detoxifies the body. It is suitable as a supplementary supporting massage to combat cellulite and the swelling of the lower limbs.